5 Reasons you’re hungry all the time!



I often hear people say no matter what they’re eating they’re hungry all the time. This is not a new phenomenon and in most cases they are hungry, but the first question to ask is what are they hungry for?

And the answer to this is two part.

  1. They are actually physically hungry and their body is telling them so.
  2. They are emotionally hungry for something other than food but they do not realise that and head to the pantry instead!

Today I want to delve into number one and share with you 5 reasons why you may be constantly hungry.


  1. The food you consume throughout the day is high in sugar.

Yes there are the obvious ones like those highly processed sugary foods well know so well and so often crave, but there are many foods with lots of hidden sugars which you may not be aware you’re consuming on a daily basis. And to add insult to injury, if your diet is high in processed carbohydrates, then your only adding more sugar to the pile. We now know sugar is actually an addictive substance and your body will continually crave more … hence your hunger.

2.You are not eating enough protein at each meal.

Eat protein with every meal and you will be fuller, more satiated for longer. Leave protein out of the meal and guess what you’re hungry sooner rather than later. Eating protein ensures your blood sugar levels are kept on an even keel and that is number one when it comes to your body burning up fat, which is what we want in weight loss.

3.You are not eating enough real food. 

Again if you’re daily consumption is filled with processed, high sugar, packaged and processed carbohydrates, then you will be hungry all the time. Your body needs real food – one ingredient foods – which are full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals – all essential for optimal health and wellness. If you’re not eating these real foods then your body will crave them… hence your constant hunger.

4.Your hormones are out of whack!!

Your hormones are like soldiers keeping things in sync in your body – your energy, hunger, sleep, moods to name a few. They are the regulatory officers who ensure that everyone is doing their job correctly and efficiently. If they’re out of whack – such a scientific term – then havoc and hunger reigns.

5.You’re not getting enough sleep.

So yes if you are not getting enough sleep for whatever reason, then you will pay the price. The price is more often than not hunger and eventual weight gain. Lack of sleep also causes hormone havoc and you’ll find yourself craving high processed sugar foods to up your energy levels. So you eat them and then BAM, you coming crashing down again and the whole cycles repeats itself.

Hunger is your friend not your foe. It’s a signal from your body that it needs fuel and it’s time to eat. What you then choose to eat determines the next time you’ll be hungry. So why not choose foods that nourish you and promote wellness?

The above is a very brief explanation of why you may be hungry all the time. I could add another 10 reasons to the list, but this is a very good place to start.

With each explanation I wanted to give you greater detail and stopped myself otherwise you’d be here all day! So in the next 5 posts I will go deeper into each reason  and give you strategies for positive change. Don’t forget to come back and discover more ways you can be a healthier version of you.


Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing!

Caroline x


Are all sugars created equal?

Sugar has been under scrutiny for sometime now…

When we (me, you, the media, doctors, health professionals etc etc) talk about sugar, usually, all sugars are dumped into the one sugar bowl.

There are however, many different type of sugars in our diets and each play different roles nutritionally. The important thing to understand is that not all sugars are created equal!! Here are some quick (& hopefully easily understood) facts!

Ó   There are two types of carbohydrates  – simple and complex.

Ó   Simpler forms of carbs are called sugars and the complex forms are often referred to as starches or dietary fibres. They have of course far more scientific names but no need to go into that now! The end product of any carbohydrate – simple or complex – is sucrose = sugar!

Ó   The common simple sugars are – glucose/galactose/fructose.

Ó   Glucose (also called dextrose and blood sugar)  is the principal sugar used in the body.

Ó   Fructose (also called levulose) is found in fruit, honey and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

Ó   Galactose – for the purpose of this blog, gets a ‘don’t go there’ pass, we are not going to talk about- it is not the one doing the damage!!

Ó   Fructose my friends is the bad guy – he is the one  getting the bad wrap! Does he deserve to you may ask?…well yes and …no! But the yes in our fast moving, convenient society that we live in, outweighs the no!

Ó   Fructose of all the natural occurring sugars, is sweeter – 1.73 times more sweeter than sucrose (table sugar) and sucrose is 30% sweeter than glucose.

Ó   Food manufacturers now use fructose  (converted into high fructose corn syrup), because of its sweetness and low manufacturing costs as a food sweetener.

Ó   When we consume carbohydrates, proteins and fats – appetite hormones are used to regulate our intake and keep us in balance.

Ó   When we consume fructose, no appetite hormones are switched on and as a result we can consume way too much of it. The general consensus is, this goes back to our cave men relatives who rarely came across a berry bush ..but when they did they ate the entire bush because who knows how many months would pass before they saw one again!

Ó   Nearly all fructose metabolisation unlike glucose, takes place in the liver. It can then be stored as glycogen (the body’s glucose bank) for future energy needs. T

he problem is often our glycogen stores are at capacity ( because of our high sugar diets..so then what? Answer: the fructose is converted to triglycerides…which are taken up in our blood stream then stored as FAT!

And there it is..why fructose gets the bad wrap. Remember as mentioned earlier, (due to its low production cost and high sweetness), we are now consuming, often unknowingly, too much fructose and all of its derivatives in our diet.

Unfortunately… and a lot of it is ending up in a place where we don’t particularly want it…our fat stores. So next blog I will give you an idea of all the places fructose is hiding….

Be Healthy Happy & Amazing!

Caroline x

Momentum Monday: Sweet Sweet Poison!

10 weeks ago (time flies too fast!) I sent you the invite for a “health” event that was happening locally here in Melbourne. David Gillespie, lawyer, speaker and author of Sweet Poison and other titles, shared his findings of his weight loss journey.

Weighing in at 135kg he knew he could no longer continue his current lifestyle. He’d tried numerous diets and guess what? Surprise, surprise they didn’t work!

Being investigative by nature he began to look at what might be the cause of the weight he carried. He read about the changes in food manufacturing over the past 40 years and looked seriously at the role sugar (specifically fructose) was playing in so many of our foods. Initially he didn’t believe he consumed that much, none in his coffee or tea, no extra on his cereal nor did he O.D. on lollies and sweets.

So what could be going on?? Then he researched more and more….and had a really good look at what he was eating and discovered it was in almost everything he ate! Obviously not in real foods like veggies/meat etc .. the foods without an ingredient list (my favourites).. but absolutely in the sauces he was tarting them up with. There it was insidiously hiding in those ingredient lists under so many different names and guises.

So with no other change to his diet or his exercise regime he cut the sweet poison out of his life and lost 45kgs! He is a healthier and happier man as a result. This story is just my quick version and there is so much more to tell, so I thought I would leave you with the visual of the slide he used in his presentation to ponder. I know you can’t read the fine print but when you read the headlines of what fructose is doing it’s a little bit scary…

Don’t you think?


Sweet Poison: David Gillespie


I know I have talked sugar in detail in the past but as I learn more I need and want to share it with you.. empowering you to make your own healthy choices. So you are going to have to put up with me detailing it more in the coming weeks!

Do you think you could cut fructose out of your diet?

(NB I’m not talking fruit from the Gods here, just the man made stuff!)

Be Healthy & Happy.. You Deserve to be!