When the lights go out…pray for Paris




No doubt you’re aware of my love of all things French. I even have a folder in my inbox titled exactly that “All Things French!”

My love of France I know has always been there…maybe it comes from a past life…I said to a girlfriend once, who is fortunate to own her little piece of paradise in Paris, that I breathe better when I’m there…strange but true.

Way back when at the sweet age of 16, I applied for an 12 month exchange to France. For reasons that I can’t remember, France was not on the destination list that year and I ended up in Utah living with the Mormons, but that’s another story!

I’ve just remembered as I write this, that while at school in Utah I took French classes and applied to go on a school trip to Paris. Alas my parents didn’t think an exchange to the States included a trip to France!!

I went on to study French through till the end of first year university, then stupidly (though I’m sure my 20 year old self didn’t think that!) gave it up for many years – but you do what you can do at the time.

My first visit to the City of Light was as a backpacker in 1986, then again in 1989. I rode through Paris and out into the countryside for 3 weeks with my brother. The best holiday… it was heaven on a stick.

I was hooked.

Life got busy and I didn’t return until 2005 and it was this visit that reignited my French flame.

I returned again in 2011 and then 2013 – spending one month in a French Language school in the south. From the moment we walked in the gate at 8.30 am each morning until we departed at 5.30…nothing but French was to be spoken! An incredible experience. 72 of us from 22 different countries ranging in age from 21 – 82 years!

I’ve been taking weekly French classes every week since and my dream to own a little French Mas one day will be realised.

So it was unbearable to watch the events that took place in Paris on Friday night. So many innocent people killed or injured as they enjoyed a typical Parisian evening.

Then again, it would be unbearable to watch it in any city.

So I’m sending lots of love their way, to all the people touched by this tragedy, to all the French and in fact to all of us.

The world in which we live is changing. There are dark forces, a nasty minority, who want to take our freedom away, make us fearful and show no respect for the way we live. We can’t let them do this.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know that we can all pray for peace and understanding. Pray to your God, the Universe, a Greater Being, your favourite thing, whoever you wish.. but pray that we can break up this dark cloud, fill it with light, love and acceptance.

Collective thought can have such enormous power.

Power is of two kinds.

One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent then the one derived from fear of punishment.”  – Mahatma Gandhi

Be Healthy Happy & Amazing.

Caroline xx

ps I’m still “doing Kayla” – I’ll update you next time though my feelings on burpees are yet to change!