There but for the grace of God, go I….


caroline silk

There but for the grace of God, go I…

As I walked through the park this morning with my dog, I had blue skies above and the sun warming my back. It was a beautiful morning and the temperature hinted of a gorgeous day to come.

I found myself looking at the ground, an unwanted habit I have, rather than what surrounded me. So I stopped and looked up, took a deep breath and breathed it all in.

Doing this automatically puts your headspace in to a better, more positive place. Well for me anyway!

And this morning it was a place of gratitude.

I started to think of my beautiful surroundings and how lucky I am.

Then interestingly, my thoughts went here….

It could all have been so very different.

By the sheer fluke of something greater than me – God, Higher Source, Divine Light, Someone Out There, Quantum Physics – what ever you want to call it, I was born in Melbourne, Australia.

A country where life is good, where we have so much available to us, excellent food to eat (I aint talking Maccas!), clean water, a good education, stable government, good employment … you get my drift?

Or I could have been born to another family…

In Syria, Ethiopia or Somalia or so many other countries that are struck by conflict, devastation, destruction, drought and death daily.

What would have my life have been like then?

Who would I be?

How would I be living right now?

Would I even be alive right now?

These is where my thoughts wandered while I walked.

I don’t think I was being particularly morbid or depressive, instead thoughtful, curious and in the end very grateful.

As the well known saying goes…

There but for the grace of God, go I.

How often are we truly grateful for what we have?

We all get so caught up in the mundane, the nitty gritty of life.

So many times in our busy daily lives we look down and behind rather than up and forward. As said earlier I have the habit of looking down often… and my intention is to change that from right now!

Looking down and behind into your past, more often than not pulls in the negative vibes. It can keep you stuck.

Think about the sheer physicality of this position, it takes your body into a closed position. Your head is lowered, often shoulders crouched, sometimes a stoop…

Open up, stand tall, look up and forward.

Remember to stop and give thanks often (even when you’re feeling shitty) for the small and the big things in your life. Even for the mundane stuff. Be positive. (read more here)


Because for each and every one of us, our lives could be so very, very different.

Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing!

Caroline x

(ps Let me know your thoughts below…Does you head wander off like mine?)

Wow I’ve been slack…but according to who?

caroline silk


I knew that I hadn’t posted for sometime, but I was a little surprised to see that its been 6 weeks!

My intent is to blog weekly, ideally on a Monday, so that I can share my musings of wellness and weight loss with all of those amazing people who care to listen.

But as each week came along, each week I’d think about it and each week I’d do nothing about it.

Was I unmotivated?

Maybe a little…mmm maybe a lot. I think I had a case of the can’t be bothereds.

Interestingly it was not as though I was not doing anything at all when it came to my business. I was sending out my weekly newsletter, posting in my private wellness & weight loss Facebook group (hint hint: come join me here) being active in various social media groups, running one of my 14 day programs. And then of course there is the other half of my life – being a mum, partner, friend, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, aunt, dog walker and employee!

In fact now that I’ve thought about it and listed it above, I have been doing quite a lot…just not blogging. 

When I entered this online world as I did in March 2014 with my enrolment into Bschool (online biz school), I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I knew I wanted to join this world, I knew I wanted to reach more people with my wellness message…share my musings, expertise and stuff!

As we all know hindsight is a beautiful thing, or as one of my coach’s liked to call it kindsight.

If I was to start again I would do it all very differently. I would turn it all around, do it in a way that felt good for me, rather than what I thought I should be doing, or what someone else told me to do.

What is the right way for someone does not mean its the right way for you or me. Each person is unique and everyone has their own path to walk.

It’s true in business, it’s true in your wellness journey and it’s so true in the path you choose to walk in life.

Hindsight is a beautiful thing.

I think we are all guilty of judging ourselves a little harshly.

We have an expectation of where we should be, whether it be in business, in health, in life. There are in many cases, unwritten laws of how we should behave, how we act and where we should be on life’s ladder.

We compare. We feel judged or we pass judgment on others and ourselves.

How do you rate yourself, right now?

Are you a kind or a harsh judge? And if you judge harshly, what or who is your measuring stick?

Be kind to yourself…always. And I’ll be kind to me too!

caroline silk

Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing

Caroline x

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How to drop those holiday kilos and avoid the blues.

The Holiday Bluesare not required!

Welcome home, but why the holiday blues?


It is school (and uni.)  holiday time here in Melbourne, we’ve completed  term 2 and it is either a 2/3 week break depending on what school you go to. And these holidays come smack bang in the middle of our winter… as I write it’s 12 degrees and raining.

This type of weather is more conducive to staying in bed or in front of a beautiful fire than heading out doors…. unless your skiing!

Many Melbournites take this time to escape to warmer climes for a week or five!! Yesterday I had a conversation with one such Melbournite who returned from an amazing 6-week holiday… 3 kilos heavier!! She admitted to indulging a little more – a gelato here (when in Rome…) and a pastry there…plus drinks most nights.

And my advice to her was there’s really no need to panic. If her life returns to her normal routine, then the excess wont’ hang around for too long.

Let me explain why.

If you stray off you healthy eating path – have a good splurge for whatever the occasion- holiday, parties, Christmas, Passover, New Year etc – Don’t panic it doesn’t spell disaster.

Like my girlfriend, and I’ve been known to do exactly the same, you may put on a kilo or two but rest assured it will not all be laid down as fat.

In order for me to gain one kilo of fat over, lets say 8 days, I would’ve had to consume an extra 7,700 calories/37,000kjs/. So that means I would’ve consumed an extra 1,100 calories a day which is equal to approximately…….

Ó  4 mars bars

Ó  11  (120ml) glasses of wine

Ó  17 pieces of multi grain bread

Ó  2 Big Macs

Ó  14 pears

She didn’t, I didn’t do that and most people don’t splurge to that extent!

So where does the weight come from – if it’s not all fat what is it?


It is water – believe it or not!!

If you drink or eat more than your body’s immediate needs, some of that excess is converted to glucose and then stored as glycogen (glycogen is carbohydrates as stored by your body). Glycogen is stored in your liver and muscles and remains there as a usable energy source. Glycogen attracts water as part of its storage process – up to three times the amount – I gm of glycogen + 3 gm of water.

So a proportion of the excess is water storage. You will also be retaining excess water due to the type of party foods you have probably been eating – salty chips, restaurant meals etc . Hence your holiday/splurge weight gain.

Perhaps now you know those extra few kilos you bought home with you do not have to be permanent, it’s easier for you to make the necessary changes. And they are:

  • Resuming your normal healthy eating patterns
  • Eat mindfully including lots of vegetables
  • Eat a protein packed breakfast daily
  • Eat only when your hungry
  • Stop when your are “elegantly satisfied” or 80% full
  • Drink more water to help flush
  • Make sure you move your body everyday!

You know all the things I’ve told you before!

Your weight will return to where it was and you can continue on your journey to be slim, fit and healthy!!

If you need a reminder on how to eat mindfully download my simple and easy Mindful Eating Guide here, it explains how to do it step by step, compliments from me to you.

Welcome Home!

Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing!

Caroline x