Wow I’ve been slack…but according to who?

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I knew that I hadn’t posted for sometime, but I was a little surprised to see that its been 6 weeks!

My intent is to blog weekly, ideally on a Monday, so that I can share my musings of wellness and weight loss with all of those amazing people who care to listen.

But as each week came along, each week I’d think about it and each week I’d do nothing about it.

Was I unmotivated?

Maybe a little…mmm maybe a lot. I think I had a case of the can’t be bothereds.

Interestingly it was not as though I was not doing anything at all when it came to my business. I was sending out my weekly newsletter, posting in my private wellness & weight loss Facebook group (hint hint: come join me here) being active in various social media groups, running one of my 14 day programs. And then of course there is the other half of my life – being a mum, partner, friend, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, aunt, dog walker and employee!

In fact now that I’ve thought about it and listed it above, I have been doing quite a lot…just not blogging. 

When I entered this online world as I did in March 2014 with my enrolment into Bschool (online biz school), I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I knew I wanted to join this world, I knew I wanted to reach more people with my wellness message…share my musings, expertise and stuff!

As we all know hindsight is a beautiful thing, or as one of my coach’s liked to call it kindsight.

If I was to start again I would do it all very differently. I would turn it all around, do it in a way that felt good for me, rather than what I thought I should be doing, or what someone else told me to do.

What is the right way for someone does not mean its the right way for you or me. Each person is unique and everyone has their own path to walk.

It’s true in business, it’s true in your wellness journey and it’s so true in the path you choose to walk in life.

Hindsight is a beautiful thing.

I think we are all guilty of judging ourselves a little harshly.

We have an expectation of where we should be, whether it be in business, in health, in life. There are in many cases, unwritten laws of how we should behave, how we act and where we should be on life’s ladder.

We compare. We feel judged or we pass judgment on others and ourselves.

How do you rate yourself, right now?

Are you a kind or a harsh judge? And if you judge harshly, what or who is your measuring stick?

Be kind to yourself…always. And I’ll be kind to me too!

caroline silk

Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing

Caroline x

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What stops your positive mindset…?

positive mindet


When your positive mindset has gone into hiding…

I work in mindset. I call myself Your Mindset Nutritionist and I’ll happily declare I love working with my clients. Together we achieve great results and one thing I do know, is after their intensive, they’re heads are overflowing with positive thoughts.

Then why oh why I ask myself, do I allow my mind sometimes to be overtaken by a barrage of negative thoughts?

I know crazy right?

Let me explain. I am as a rule a positive person. I believe I operate from a place where my glass is half full… most of the time! So what is it that can stop me (and maybe you) dead in my tracks and send me ten steps backwards, when I know the only way is forward?

I think know it is fear.

It may fear of change.

It may be fear of judgement.

It may be fear of disappointment.

It may be fear of failure.

It may be all of them plus more!

Any or all of the above can stop you (and I) in your tracks and keep you from moving forward, doing the thing you know you need to do!

Let’s look at fear of change for a moment.

I think most of us see change has being a hard slog, involving lots of work. Change provokes fear; as change more often than not takes us out of our comfort zone and into a new place of being. It’s in this new place where we experience and learn new things. This is a good thing. Who says change has to be hard? If we think it will be then it probably will, if we believe it will be easy then guess what? It can be. Continuing to learn and expand ourselves means we continue to grow.


Never stop learning BECAUSE life never stops teaching.


So let’s look at another fear…fear of judgment. What is it that you and I are worried about? Why do we care what other people think? I think all of us deep down ‘like’ to be ‘liked’… I don’t think I’d be overly happy if I knew people thought badly of me.

But as I wrote that last sentence I know that I actually can do nothing about what they think!

Guess what I say to my clients? What other people think of you is none of your business. You and I cannot change the way they think, we can only change how we deal with it. We can not control the stuff that happens outside of us, but we can control how it affects us.


We can choose to let things affect us, and we can choose not to. It’s OUR choice.


So when those negative thoughts begin to dominate that beautiful headspace of yours (and mine) take some time out. Give yourself some space. Breathe deeply and often.

Ask yourself what is it that you really think? Is that negative thought actually true or is it based on some long held belief? Is there an emotion attached to it and if so what identify that emotion is?

That emotion is a signal from your subconscious that it’s time to act. To change, move forward, to learn, to grow. We repeat what we don’t repair.


 You and I, are in charge of our minds and therefore our results.


This post has in fact, I now realise,  been my little pep talk – me talking to me – telling me a few things I needed to hear right now. Let the fear go, it’s all in my head, take a deep breath, and another and it’s time to move forward… period.

I hope you’ve enjoyed (and perhaps recognised a bit of you), being inside my head for this little tete a tete!

So I know what I’m doing. Now you need to decide what you want and DO SOMETHING. Even if it’s just a small thing, towards getting it.

If you’d like to do something right now, why not start with learning how to eat mindfully? Research has shown if this is the only thing you can lose weight. Click here to download.


positive mindset

Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing!

Cos you and I deserve to be…

Caroline xx





Whether you think can or you can’t, you’re right.


And that my friends is true for weight loss and putting an end to emotional eating…

No doubt you’ve heard before that your thoughts become your words, and your words become your actions.

If you believe you can drop the kgs, then congrats, you’re halfway there. If you think you can’t – because of all sorts of reasons, excuses, stories and lies that go on in your head – then guess what …? It ain’t gonna happen!

Until you think you can, any attempts made will end in frustration and you’re probably feeling more miserable.

If you’ve been a yo-yo dieter then you know that you start out with all the good intentions in the world. This time it’s going to happen…

Over time however, you can’t maintain the momentum of ‘the diet’  – the restriction the deprivation – and more often than not you end up giving up and putting the weight back on… and maybe more some.

Sound familiar?

I’d like you do something for me. Think back for me to that time and check in with yourself. Did you really believe in your heart and in your head that you’d be successful with your diet? Did you make the necessary changes to the way you think and how you act to  make it all happen?

Or perhaps you’re an emotional eater.

You’re stressed from work or family ‘stuff’ and you relieve your stress by heading to the pantry, fridge or cookie jar. Or perhaps you’re hurt by someone’s words and/or actions, or feel sad or lonely and you seek comfort in a box of chocolates or ten oversized chocolate easter bunnies! (it’s that time of year!)

You finish your chocolate frenzy and let me ask you this – has the boredom, frustration, stress, hurt, anger or loneliness gone away? I’m guessing it did for a fleeting moment, but then it came back hitting you like a freight train.  Now what do you do next? You throw the emotion of guilt onto the pile because you’re beating yourself up over your little pig out!

Do you think you can break out of this cycle?

Do you believe you can?

Or do you believe you’re caught in the stuck rut and it’s hopeless, so why bother? Why not just keep eating? It’s all too hard…

You haven’t done it in the past so why on earth is it going to change in the future?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The way you think plus the way you focus plus the way you act is going to give you the results you want.  Your head has to be in the right place to successfully drop your weight once and for all.

This the reason why I do what I do, I know this is the missing link and I see the positive change in my wonderful clients after we’ve worked together. I’m going to share some of this with you on my new webinar – 7 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss. Hit this link here so you can sign up, and if you can’t be there live there will be a replay…so what have you go to lose… other than those unwanted kgs!

Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing!

Caroline x