When FEAR becomes your new BFF!


It’s funny how things happen… the sequence they take.

Last week I posted about how important it is to really listen to your body, because it has much to tell you.

So this week I practiced what I preach and did just that. I had a niggling or best described as annoying pain at the top of my right groin and thigh. There was/is actually a lump there and my phsyio suggested I investigated it further!!

Alarm Bell No 1! Fear at this point did not raise its ugly head .. more like a magician and his rabbit – one minute it was there the next minute it’s gone!!

So off to the doctors I go. She doesn’t think it’s an issue but suggests I get my bloods done anyway. So I do, and they come back in order and her words “I’m a healthy specimen!”


But the lump and this niggling pain is still talking to me.

So we book an ultrasound and x-ray, which I have done the next day. As I’m sitting in reception waiting to pick up my films, I hear the receptionist say to other patients ” Jane here is your film, call you doctor Monday” Its Friday afternoon BTW!  “George here is your film, call your doctor Monday!” “Sarah heres is your film etc etc etc.”

Then “Caroline here is you film, can you please call your doctor tomorrow – the report will be there.”

And I said.. “Tomorrow?” (Saturday)

And she said – “Make sure you call!”

As I walked out the door I digested those four words… let me tell you they didn’t taste great! All of a sudden fear out of nowhere is my new BFF! My thoughts spiralled downwards, I got teary and the next thing I’m organising my own funeral!!

This is how your mind works.. at any one time our 5 senses (sight, sound, smell, touch and taste) bombard us with over 2 million bits of information, but we can only process between 5-9 bits at any one time. In order to preserve our sanity our brains filter the incoming information before it processes it. This filtering is done by deletion, distortion and generalisation.

Well my brain decided to emphasise the filter of DISTORTION! And completely distorted those four words and filled me with an irrational fear.





Because I know what I know, I knew I was being irrational but despite my efforts I couldn’t stop. These fearful thoughts were extremely powerful and all the deep breathing in the world couldn’t calm my inner state down!!

Later that evening a close girlfriend rang (happened to be medico) and I unburdened my load to a caring ear. Interestingly I didn’t tell my other half as he was off to a father/son night and I thought what was the point of worrying him and ruining their fun!

So the end (of this story!) is nigh!

Next morning – wake at 6.00 am (very not normal for me!) and FEAR is lying next to me in all it’s glory. Other half wakes 15 mins later and it’s time I tell him!  So I did.. a little teary still. He says all the right things, which my former rational self knows are true but that person had gone deep underground!

OMG thankfully one hour later, a text arrives on my mobile phone from my doctor. It was 7.08am “Nothing sinister just bursitis….”

Isn’t it amazing how powerful these emotions are and the havoc they can wreak?

As I tell my clients, when we experience negative emotions we need to change one or more of three things…

  1. The way we look at things
  2. How we are communicating
  3. How we are behaving.

If you ignore them, the signals will not go away and they’ll actually intensify until you get smart enough to change…

I so didn’t practice what I preach…

You’ll be pleased to know the funeral is off and life as I know it is back on!

Have you ever taken yourself into a state of fear like me?

Be Healthy, Happy and Amazing!

Caroline x



Wellness & weightloss meets paparazzi!

Momentum on a Monday!

My first podcast ever and the beginning of lots more to come! Michele Elmas-Hardy is the Dynamic Business Women and she uncovers my journey into wellness and weightloss. We had so much fun chatting, telling stories and learning from each other.

Enjoy the journey by clicking on the link below!



Am I getting a little bit too carried away??

Be Healthy & Happy!

Caroline x

Ancel Keys and a whole lot of lies.

As I’ve mentioned, if you want to be a healthier version of you and perhaps even weight loss is on your agenda then having the right information will make your journey easier.
There is way too much misinformation out there in the public arena, which leaves many confused and often does more harm than good. In fact I think I’ll stick my neck out and say (I’m not alone here!) it was misinformation and the use of selective scientific data over forty years ago that was the beginning of the health crisis – think skyrocketing obesity, diabetes, auto-immune disease – we have today.
 I won’t go into great detail (Dr. Google can fill you in if you’re keen to know more), but for the sake of a quick and simplistic overview… 
It all began in 1958 when an American scientist, Ancel Keys published his Seven Countries Study. He concluded the high rates of heart disease in these 7 countries were a result of their high fat diets.  A very important note:  Mr. Keys decided to cherry pick his findings – he selectively left out of the published paper the remaining 15 countries that did not support his conclusion.
For example, he left out the countries who had high fat diets and low rates of heart disease and he also left out countries with the opposite, low fat /high heart disease.
There was criticism then that his Seven Countries study was full of flaws, and there is a lot of criticism now, but alas the damage was done. Ancel Keys found himself on the front page of Time Magazine (1961), and the U.S. changed it’s nutritional guidelines to recommend a low fat diet – animal fats were especially demonised.
Then to add insult to injury in 1977 a U.S. Senate committee led by George McGovern, published the first set of dietary goals for the U.S.,  again to reduce heart disease.
They promoted a low fat /high carbohydrate diet for everyone:- 

  • Low in fat
  • Low in cholesterol
  • Less processed foods
  • Less sugar
  • High grain intake
  • High fruit intake
  • High vegetable intake 

The rest is history  – fat was the bad boy and removed from hundreds of products on our supermarket shelves, and replaced predominantly by sugar and in it’s many guises. Everything became skim, low fat, 2% or no fat. Even quality real ‘one ingredients foods’ that I love so much like avocados, nuts, seeds, coconuts etc.  because of their high fat content, were all living a life incognito so as not to be wiped out forever!!
And the winner was the USDA – U.S. Dept. of Agriculture – hello grains, cereals and more grains!  Our supermarket shelves exploded with food (made to look like food) in cardboard boxes. 
And the loser, our health, or lack there of…and the cost… heartache, ill health and billions spent on health worldwide.
Fortunately, for our health and the health of our kids, fat is making a comeback.  And believe it or not, healthy fat (yes even saturated fat!) wont make you fat!! But more on that next week!
So it’s with this little glimpse into our scientifically cherry picked and very shaky nutritional past that I ask you to ponder.
…Do we remain stuck in this nutritional paradigm that results in such ill health?
Or is there a better way to nourish and fuel our bodies so that we all have vibrant health?

NOTE: I too am guilty of  cherry picking –  there are so many players involved in this story but for the sake of brevity… 

 Be Healthy & Happy!