Kayla Itsines Week Two..Confession Time!

Yes it’s confession time…

Two weeks of Kayla now completed however, I did miss one day of the ‘resistance training circuits’ and one day of the LISS – low intensity steady state i.e. a power walk!

So do I have an excuse?

Well for those of you that are in Melbourne, you know that it is a big week in Melbourne with our annual Spring Racing Carnival (horses that is!).

In brief: it’s 4 race days over the week, each with its own theme, party atmosphere and celebrations. International guests, international horses and it is in fact such a big deal that we actually have a public holiday for Melbourne Cup Day, which is always held on the first Tuesday in November! (Google to find out more)!

So is that my excuse?

Mmm yes!

I went to two of the four days – Melbourne Cup Day and Oaks Day. Both of these days involved dressing up, fascinators, lots of champagne, good food, friends, may laughs, not many winnings and long days.

And my motivation to ‘do Kayla Itsines’ the next morning, or in fact that afternoon or night was nowhere to be found!

I am very happy to declare I was not hung-over, instead just that tired rung out feeling that you’ve done two rounds inside a washing machine!!

So hence no Kayla.

And here is the thing about you, me and exercise.

You have to make it work in with your life, your schedule and your goals.

If you end up skipping it – don’t beat your self up over it or head to pantry to blow the deal.

Take stock – see if there is a time when you can incorporate extra movement into your day that you normally wouldn’t do and do it.

And like me – when you return to normal and no longer feel like you’ve been spinning in a washing machine, get your gear on and go do something.

So today, it’s Monday, a new week with new motivation – I feel great and have the time and the energy to do two sessions – I’ve done a 45 minute walk and later today I will do my next circuit session.

Don’t think I’m being Wonder Woman…I’m not.

I’m taking advantage of the fact that I’m feeling energetic and I have the time!

If you’re thinking you’d like to feel more energetic, check out my latest program – Eat Clean Reset Your Body 14 Day Detox . I’m excited about it starting at the end of November to have you feeling fab in time for beaches, summer days and bbbbbiiiikkkkiiinnniiissssss!

Having now completed week two of Kayla Itsines, I still can’t stand burpees (learn more here) and I’m yet to see any drastic improvements but let’s be realistic there is another ten weeks to go…ouch!


(much better to see us dressed up than in our active wear!!)

Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing!

Caroline x