Ditch the weight loss roller coaster!

caroline silk weight loss
Have you seen “ the weight loss commercial”?  You know which one I’m talking about, right?  It’ s all about ‘I love bread’ , and ‘I changed my life by counting points’. Or the one where they’re talking about their fabulous weight loss and why they suck daily on a shake full of dried ingredients out of carton made in a factory!!

Sigh…Do you want to be chained to a point tracking system or a choc-ice shake that tastes like cardboard day in day out? Do you want to hop on the scale to do a weekly “weigh-in”? Don’t let points or the scale determine your success.

Success is about nourishing your body, and I’m not about the blame/shame game, everyone does what they feel is right at the time. Hey I went to Weight Watchers with a girlfriend, admittedly more out of curiosity, but I did get swept up in the whole palava… mind you I only lasted about 6 weeks!!

However  I digress…I didn’t become Your Mindset Nutritionist to teach you to deprive yourself like every other fad diet out there. You know my mantra..diets don’t’ work! I’ve struggled too with weight loss. I know exactly what you’re going through – and it’s scary.

It’ s frustrating. It’s flat out difficult and you want put you and losing weight into the too hard basket…for another day.

But, I’m here to help you and teach you how to lose weight naturally and stop counting points and drinking powders once and for all. It’ s time to end the madness Amazing Ones right now.
Can I hear you groan…here we go again?

There are two things I need you to do as from right now. Actually there is three but we’re not talking three today. No 3 being mindset.  You know I believe having your headspace in the right place is the most important step for weight loss, I’ve talked about it many a time but we’re not going there  today – you can go here and here for a refresh.

1) Learn how to eat mindfully and if you need help I have it right here.  Research has shown again and again, by eating mindfully, weight loss is doable!

2) Eat Clean Real Food:  What do I mean when I say clean real food?

  • It is food with only one ingredient.
  • It is food that doesn’t need a manufacturer’s food label attached
  • It is food that doesn’t come in a box or carton
  •  It is food that is not found in the middle of your supermarket
  • It is food that comes from nature not a factory
  • It is food that that is rich in colour
  • It s food that is full of nutrients that nourish you
  • It is food that is full of vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy
  • It is food that comes from nature – our lands and our seas
  • It is food that our bodies were designed to eat.

I’m talking veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, oils (think olive and coconut)  fish, legumes, full fat natural dairy, grass fed meat, poultry and game.

Eating real food does not have to be difficult, you can enjoy weight loss, however you do need to be organised. And I will dive deep into getting organised next week, but for you now, make room in your fridge and pantry and go shopping for one ingredient foods.

The best way to do that is either visit your local farmer’s market or local speciality shops, or, if you are a supermarket shopper then this is what I want you to do from now on.

Shop around the outside rim of the supermarket. Most supermarkets around the world have a very similar layout. So think about it, you walk in and there is the fruits and veggies section, then further you come across the deli, then onto the meat and chicken, then onto the dairy and fridge section. In the middle are rows 1-10 which is full of non real food. Yes I admit, there are some staple items you need however, there is at least 5 rows you have no need to walk down!!

I’m actually going to test that out next time I do a supermarket shop and report back! Until then…

ps My Eat Clean Reset Your Body 14 day program is back by popular demand!! Check it out here!


caroline silk weight loss

Be Healthy, Happy and Amazing!

Caroline x

Is your stomach spilling over your yoga pants?


I know you might think that is rude of me to ask but maybe…just maybe you’re metabolism is in need of a makeover?

Consider this…

Whether we like it or not, because of the world in which we live and the food and drink we consume, there is  toxin build up in our bodies. And this build up can drain you of energy, promote inflammation in your body, add a few extra unwanted kilos and your metabolism may be in a state of disrepair!

I believe there is a need to have a thorough clean out at least once a year, and if you’re that way inclined, (highly recommended) one every season would be extremely beneficial to you and your waistline!

Traditionally, cultures all around the world have practiced seasonal cleansing in all types of different ways. Specifically for a liver cleanse, the liver is how the body takes toxins out of the body, and that is how the liver earns the spot of one of the hardest working organs in our bodies! The liver works with many other organs in our body to detox blood, produce bile, hormone breakdowns, and acts as a storage facility for our vitamins and minerals. If the liver is not functioning properly, it affects many other areas of our body.

Some more important functions of the liver include removing old blood cells, helping the intestines process nutrients, chemical production for blood clotting, the breakdown and metabolizing of alcohol and consumed medications, and the production of necessary proteins and cholesterol. When people hear ‘liver disease’ they typically think of alcoholism, but that is not the only cause of liver disease or liver failure. Some other risk factors associated with liver disease include low potassium levels, drug use, exposure to certain chemicals, obesity, processed foods, viral infections and autoimmune diseases.

Some things you may notice if your liver is not performing at its best include…

  • gas or bloating
  • constipation
  • heartburn
  • acid reflux
  • yellowish tint to skin and eyes
  • high blood pressure
  • difficulty losing weight
  • cognitive difficulties
  • dark urine
  • chronic fatigue
  • poor appetite

 If you want to support your liver you don’t have to resort to pills and potions as there are certain foods you should focus on. These foods include…

  • beets
  • carrots
  • tomatoes
  • grapefruit
  • spinach
  • citrus fruits
  • cabbage
  • turmeric
  • walnuts
  • avocados
  • apples
  • Brussels sprouts
  • garlic
  • dandelion root
  • leafy green vegetables
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • asparagus
  • green tea
  • artichoke
  • olive oil
  • alternative grains like quinoa, millet and buckwheat.

Makeover your metabolism will ensure that your hormones are functioning at an optimal level thus allowing your liver to do its job!  Below are some general tips that have worked for me:

  • Hydrate!
  • Eat clean and organic
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat healthy fats
  • Ensure your fibre intake is high
  • Take a probiotic.
  • Get the proper amount of sleep
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco products
  • Avoid processed foods and whole grains
  • Detox – ie Eat Clean Reset – minimum twice a year.

When you make over your metabolism and and allow your body to heal, you’ll find that when you’re done with your cleanse, you’ll notice more energy, your digestion has improved, and your skin looks younger and brighter. You will also have better mental clarity and cognitive functioning, along with a boost to your immune system and more balanced blood sugar levels and perhaps a few kilos gone …for good!

Are you interested to learn more about removing toxins naturally?  Join me for my upcoming free webinar Makeover Your Metabolism. Check it out here, it’s happening next week and of course there will be a replay, as if you’re anything like me, you’re busy and may need more time….?



Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing!

Caroline x