Is stress increasing your waistline?


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Know doubt you know that stress is a huge health disrupter.

In this ridiculously fast paced, immediate world we live so many of us are living day to day with stress in our lives. Either at a constant low level that often goes unnoticed, or at a very high level which surprise surprise is very obvious. 

Every day we can either feed stress or we let go of it…

The problem is if we continue to feed it, it continues to feed our waistlines. (If you’d like some help on how to take stress out of your food choices, grab my Mindful Eating Guide,   It’s yours free, compliments from me to you.)

The more we move away from stress and step into a mindset where our emotions do not control us, the more power we have over our lives and yes our weight.

Our cortisol levels lessen and inflammation decreases when we unwind. 

There are things you can do to help let go of your stress…

Start thinking about people in your life, experiences or past stories (as we all have our story), and think of how you can let go of fear or stress around these areas that cause discomfort.

I encourage you too to let go of what is not fueling your body on a daily basis, whether it be food, friends or something else.

You can do the following to help your stress levels and relax:

  1. Write down your fears and stressors in a journal or on a piece of paper. Getting it out of you head and on to paper is the first step you need to take. 
  2. Share this experience with a close friend or share it with me! They can give you other perspectives to consider.
  3. Be conscious of where you are in your body, your breath, your mind and in this world. When you take long slow deep breaths you move your internal self from a stressed state – the sympathetic pathway to a more relaxed state – the parasympathetic pathway. Everything works better when you are in this state
  4. Move your body. Make a conscious effort to move every day. Start yoga, walking or do more intense exercises like running, biking, swimming, dancing – whatever gets you going.  Moving your body supports healthy serotonin levels, which is our happy hormone and the key to feeling good on a daily basis.
  5. Get your vitamin D from the sun or eat it! There have been studies showing the effectiveness of vitamin D and decreasing inflammation. Make sure you get 20 minutes in the sun per day no matter what time of the year. If you cannot get in the sun, then look at a quality  vitamin D supplement. 
  6. Find something that works for you and give yourself some time to unwind.
  7. Be kind and gentle to you.


Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing!

Caroline xx


It’s time to portion your plate!

We have all been supersized!

“How dare you!” I hear you gasp and I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but it is true!

Both our body size and our portion size have been supersized. We accept the bigger versions… of ourselves and our plates.

If I was to show you a picture of a 1961 grade one primary school class and then one from 2017… I’m guessing you would be a little shocked at the difference.

The kids in the 2017 photo will look considerably bigger in body size. Not all but most. The kids in the picture from 1961 would all look on the skinny side, and I’m guessing most. I have seen said pictures before and compared them, so I’m not telling a tale.

When it comes to acceptable size, I think our visual take on things has changed over the past 30 years or so.

When we changed our eating habits in the 70’s  – FAT was the evil master and food manufacturers did everything to take the fat out of their foods, things changed. The problem with that is when you take the fat out – food tastes bland.

So what did they do? They replaced the fat with sugar and our now over 80% of product on our supermarket shelves contain sugar.

What I hear you asking does this have to do with the size of school kids?

Well the 1970’s was the beginning of our obesity, type 2 diabetes and autoimmune disease crisis. Over the last 40 years all of these diseases have skyrocketed and they don’t look like slowing down any time soon.

People – babies, kids, teenagers, adult are bigger than they used to be. They weigh so much more today than the past. We have an overweight and obesity problem – a very big problem through out our western world.

I can feel a bit of a rant coming on…and that was not the intention of this post. My intention was to talk the size of your plate…

That can be the next post!


Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing!

Caroline x

ps enjoy Easter however you celebrate!







There but for the grace of God, go I….


caroline silk

There but for the grace of God, go I…

As I walked through the park this morning with my dog, I had blue skies above and the sun warming my back. It was a beautiful morning and the temperature hinted of a gorgeous day to come.

I found myself looking at the ground, an unwanted habit I have, rather than what surrounded me. So I stopped and looked up, took a deep breath and breathed it all in.

Doing this automatically puts your headspace in to a better, more positive place. Well for me anyway!

And this morning it was a place of gratitude.

I started to think of my beautiful surroundings and how lucky I am.

Then interestingly, my thoughts went here….

It could all have been so very different.

By the sheer fluke of something greater than me – God, Higher Source, Divine Light, Someone Out There, Quantum Physics – what ever you want to call it, I was born in Melbourne, Australia.

A country where life is good, where we have so much available to us, excellent food to eat (I aint talking Maccas!), clean water, a good education, stable government, good employment … you get my drift?

Or I could have been born to another family…

In Syria, Ethiopia or Somalia or so many other countries that are struck by conflict, devastation, destruction, drought and death daily.

What would have my life have been like then?

Who would I be?

How would I be living right now?

Would I even be alive right now?

These is where my thoughts wandered while I walked.

I don’t think I was being particularly morbid or depressive, instead thoughtful, curious and in the end very grateful.

As the well known saying goes…

There but for the grace of God, go I.

How often are we truly grateful for what we have?

We all get so caught up in the mundane, the nitty gritty of life.

So many times in our busy daily lives we look down and behind rather than up and forward. As said earlier I have the habit of looking down often… and my intention is to change that from right now!

Looking down and behind into your past, more often than not pulls in the negative vibes. It can keep you stuck.

Think about the sheer physicality of this position, it takes your body into a closed position. Your head is lowered, often shoulders crouched, sometimes a stoop…

Open up, stand tall, look up and forward.

Remember to stop and give thanks often (even when you’re feeling shitty) for the small and the big things in your life. Even for the mundane stuff. Be positive. (read more here)


Because for each and every one of us, our lives could be so very, very different.

Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing!

Caroline x

(ps Let me know your thoughts below…Does you head wander off like mine?)