If I had to start over again, here’s what I would do…

Resolutions are rife at this time of year.

Wherever we look, everyone is declaring how they are going to do it better – eat better, sleep better, exercise more, drink less, work harder, relax more, cook more, be kinder, happier, funnier, sexier…

With the arrival of a new year we set out with all the best intentions for positive change. But I hate to be the bearer of bad news; very few people make lasting change.  In fact it is only 8-10% of people that are successful in attaining their resolutions. (And yes there is research on this!)

What happens?

It’s kinda like that last diet your went on…

​Motivation fades away, old habits return and you return to the same you.

Promise I’ve been there and done exactly that!

I want you to reconsider how you approach change.

If I had to start over again, here’s what I would do…

  1. Commit to one goal/change only.
  2. In order to stay motivated for good, then start with a goal/change/challenge​​ is manageable. Don’t and I repeat don’t make your goal so huge that it becomes in your mind too overwhelming to achieve.
  3. Write your goal down and write want you want to achieve “as if now”, as if you have already achieved it. i.e. It is Easter 2018 and I’ve let go of 5 kilos and I feel….. ​​​I am… I’m loving…I’m doing…
  4. Create a picture in your mind of the new you.Really take the time to visualise ​the new you.  If you are to maintain your course and motivation, your brain needs to visualise your end goal. Take the time each and everyday to step into the picture of the new you.
  5. Choose a way to measure your progress. Your brain is motivated when it can see results.
  6. Be patient and kind with yourself. When your inner critic appears, tell her to go take a hike and focus on the positive. Take you mind to the picture of the new you.
  7. Remember there is no failure only feedback. When you stray off your path, don’t beat yourself up. Stop refocus and move forward. You fail only when you quit!

Whether you think you can or your think you can’t….

You’re right!

Thinking and believing it is doable will help you achieve your goal and make the necessary changes for you to achieve that goal.

If you’d like to pick a simple achievable goal, then go here….

Yes they are from last year but hey, the steps you need to take to achieve better health and a better waistline don’t change that much, despite what you might read.

If you’d like some help feel free to email me and I’m excited to announce my new weight loss program starts in Feb. Finishing touches being applied now. Let me know if you’re keen.


Happy New Year TO YOU!

Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing!

Caroline x





Top Tips To Survive The Silly Season

Believe it or not today is December 1, 2017. 

First official day of our summer, the beginning for many of the Silly Season and the signaling of yet another year coming to its end.


I always find it amusing that there is the pre-christmas surge for catch ups, as though it wont be possible only one month away in January…

So how best do you manage all your lunch, dinner, drinks and party invitations this festive season?

More importantly, how do you survive so that you can come out the other end with your health and waistline intact?

It is timely and of course, following in the true Christmas spirit of giving, to share with you a few strategies that will help both you and your waistline have a lot of fun without the usual fallout!

♥      ALCOHOL: Yes no doubt you will be imbibing more often than not. That’s OK.

Just remember the “one pearl one plain rule”.  For every glass of bubbles, pinot, or vodka that you have, ensure you have one glass of water – make it bubbly to keep the festive mood!

On a side note if you don’t want weight gain from this increase of alcohol intake then I suggest you imbibe in clean spirits. Of course the are still calories in there, but without the added sugar ie vodka with a non sugar mixer like soda water. Just add a squeeze of fresh lime. Yum! And the  bonus – extra water intake.

You know I’m not all about calories (I’m all about mindful eating) but I do have the motto knowledge is power so hence my list below! **

  • 1 vodka & soda: 64 calories
  • 1 glass of white wine: 100 calories 
  • 1 glass of champagne/sparkling wine: 100 calories
  • 1 glass of red wine: 120 calories
  • 1 full-strength beer (250ml bottle): 155 calories
  • 1 gin and tonic: 200 calories
  • 1 rum and coke: 248 calories
  • 1 espresso martini: 285 calories (seriously yum but lethal 🙂 !!)

*note we are talking standard size drinks here not the restaurant size ones!

♥    Remember also, that alcohol consumption plays havoc with your willpower, and with each glass you have your, will power retreats out the window, scurries down the street and usually is not found until very late the next day! End result, too much Brie, chocolate fudge and/or Christmas cake is consumed and the double barrelled sugar gun plays havoc on your waistline and scales!

♥    If you know drinking a little too much is your forte, perhaps word up your BFF or partner, to play fun police before it’s too late and you end up crying in your glass of stale bubbles…not a good look! And of course, you can thank them in the morning!

♥    FOOD: If you know the party is a drinks party then there will no doubt be lots of yummy nibbles being handed around, and depending on the venue perhaps some not so healthy…you know the ones… of the deep fried variety?

What ever you do – do not arrive on an empty stomach.

Do not arrive hungry!

Eat something healthy before you go, then you wont be so tempted to consume everything in sight. Stay away from the pastry laden treats and indulge in the protein based – prawns, chicken pieces, salmon, beef bites etc etc.

And it goes without saying veggie sticks are your best friend!

♥   When you make the mindful decision to indulge in something sweet…savour and enjoy it….. but perhaps consider just having two or three  bites and leave the rest – it is those first bites when it tastes the best and your taste buds explode with delight. Bite 7,8,9,10 etc never taste as good and you probably don’t even notice the flavours. Better in the waste than on your waist.

Now is a good time to download my Mindful Eating Guide – its’ free and gives you the exact steps you need to take to add mindful eating into your everyday.

♥   Remember the basic rules –  eat mindfully at all times, breakfast is mandatory, eat when you are hungry and only eat till you are 80% full – or eloquently satisfied – as your grandmother used to say!

Realise that if you have a ‘heavy’ night the night before, then you probably will not be as hungry the next day…pay attention to what your body tells you.

And a great rule to remember… never miss twice.

What does this mean? If you have a big night or big lunch or big day, then don’t do it again at the next meal/day. Go lighter, your body will thank you for it!

And one final tip…

Don’t stress over it!

If you over do it with food and drinks, don’t beat yourself up. Instead look at what was going on, check in to see how you can do it better and do it better next time around.

Life is too short to give yourself a hard time all the time!


Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing!

Caroline x


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Is stress increasing your waistline?


caroline silk stress


Know doubt you know that stress is a huge health disrupter.

In this ridiculously fast paced, immediate world we live so many of us are living day to day with stress in our lives. Either at a constant low level that often goes unnoticed, or at a very high level which surprise surprise is very obvious. 

Every day we can either feed stress or we let go of it…

The problem is if we continue to feed it, it continues to feed our waistlines. (If you’d like some help on how to take stress out of your food choices, grab my Mindful Eating Guide,   It’s yours free, compliments from me to you.)

The more we move away from stress and step into a mindset where our emotions do not control us, the more power we have over our lives and yes our weight.

Our cortisol levels lessen and inflammation decreases when we unwind. 

There are things you can do to help let go of your stress…

Start thinking about people in your life, experiences or past stories (as we all have our story), and think of how you can let go of fear or stress around these areas that cause discomfort.

I encourage you too to let go of what is not fueling your body on a daily basis, whether it be food, friends or something else.

You can do the following to help your stress levels and relax:

  1. Write down your fears and stressors in a journal or on a piece of paper. Getting it out of you head and on to paper is the first step you need to take. 
  2. Share this experience with a close friend or share it with me! They can give you other perspectives to consider.
  3. Be conscious of where you are in your body, your breath, your mind and in this world. When you take long slow deep breaths you move your internal self from a stressed state – the sympathetic pathway to a more relaxed state – the parasympathetic pathway. Everything works better when you are in this state
  4. Move your body. Make a conscious effort to move every day. Start yoga, walking or do more intense exercises like running, biking, swimming, dancing – whatever gets you going.  Moving your body supports healthy serotonin levels, which is our happy hormone and the key to feeling good on a daily basis.
  5. Get your vitamin D from the sun or eat it! There have been studies showing the effectiveness of vitamin D and decreasing inflammation. Make sure you get 20 minutes in the sun per day no matter what time of the year. If you cannot get in the sun, then look at a quality  vitamin D supplement. 
  6. Find something that works for you and give yourself some time to unwind.
  7. Be kind and gentle to you.


Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing!

Caroline xx