And here’s the thing…. 

You’re amazing and successful in what you do – whether it be your career, your passions, your family – you do it, and you do it well.

The one thing you are leaving behind is… you.

I know, you’ve been on more diets than you care to remember – you lose the weight, feel great for five minutes, three weeks, four months and then BAM the weight is back plus more. You feel miserable, you’re not exactly loving your body and you feel worse than when you started.

In fact you can’t remember a time when you actually, truly felt good about how you looked.

Everything else in your life is on track…

Something has to give, there has to be something or someone that gets it and can support you with the help you need.. once and for all.

Guess what you’re not alone and it’s not your fault.

So I’m Caroline Silk,  Your Mindset Nutritionist and guess what? I get it…Diets do not work!

Yes I’m more than happy to sit down with you, advise you on what to eat, how to eat and when to eat, (and I suspect you know all about that anyway!). I can tell you how much exercise you should be doing to lose the weight (you know that too!) and you can leave my office energised and motivated. But for how long?

I have the nutritional knowledge you need  – wellness and weight loss is my speciality – but none of that is good to either of us if your head is not in the right place.

That dilemma was my biggest frustrationI was going crazy just like you.

  • I knew the work I was doing was helping… but not helping enough.
  • I knew there was something missing in what I was doing.
  • I knew (naggingly) there had to be a better way to do it.. a better approach.
  • I knew I had to go out and find it.

An approach where you’d feel like you’ve never felt before.

Just imagine..

  1. The emotional baggage you’ve been carrying for far too long …gone.
  2. All the non stop monkey mind chatter that plagues you day and night… slips away.
  3. Annoying food habits that keep you stuck…are broken.
  4. Shedding the weight, easily
  5. Feeling calmer, happier, more confident and much more in control of your emotions and direction in life.

So I started to investigate, research and explore, looking for answers. As mentioned, I know all about food, nutrition, exercise, however I needed and wanted to learn more – all about our minds and the role they play in how we look and feel.

Amazingly I found THE answer!

It provided both the solution to my frustration and the answer to my problems and inevitably yours. I became certified so I could:

  • positively and permanently change your mindset;
  • change the way you think about foods;
  • change those nasty habits which keep you where you are;
  • release those negative emotions and limiting beliefs that have constantly weighed you down.

My mission is to help you achieve a happier, healthier, slimmer, and more energised version of yourself.

I now have available to me something that changes you permanently and for the better. I love the changes I see, it gets me excited that I can help and heal the ‘whole of you.’

 How I hear you ask?

I have in my possession and gladly give to you all the tools you need to change

  • your mindset
  • the way you think and feel about yourself
  • those habits that keep you stuck.. you know the ones…
  • and importantly your relationship with food.

SO what do I believe.. what is my mantra.?

  • I love learning.. I read everything food, nutrition and weight loss, and I’m constantly open to discovering new ways to do it better.
  • There are so many mixed and confusing messages out there in relation to foods, nutrition and weight loss. Take a quick look at the front cover of the weekly mags! From “drop 2 dress sizes in 2 days!” to “low fat, high carb, no protein, high water, low sugar, full fat “…… enough already! I am certainly frustrated so I can imagine how frustrated you are, and you want, and deserve the truth.
  • That is my promise to you – I tell it straight and as it is. I ensure any information I impart is nutritionally sound, I won’t &*(&$#!! That’s not fair to you and it’s not who I am.
  • I don’t believe in the current food pyramid, which is heavily reliant on grain and cereal products. I’ll happily stick my neck out and say it’s that style of food consumption that contributes to the health problems we face today!
  • I have a passion for REAL, seasonal, fresh and delicious food. I love eating good food. I love eating food that is alive and full of nutrients that nourish you.
  • I love that food can heal and it can be your medicine. I love that you can take your health to a new level..if you are willing?
  • I love eating food that is in season and ideally grown locally. I love discovering new people/cafes/restaurants who share my passion.
  • I am an OK cook and happily admit a lousy baker.
  • I possess a ridiculous passion for all things French, including their food, so I won’t start on that topic it may take over this page!
  • I am Your Mindset Nutritionist, weight loss is my speciality and I’m a certified health coach. I work with women, who are too busy doing everything else and not looking after themselves!
  • Finally, my mission is to educate and empower you with all the tools you need to be that fabulous, fit, healthy, glowing person you want and deserve to be.


And yes that is me!

 start creating a better, healthier version of you right away…. 

Note to all readers of my site!

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