Wow I’ve been slack…but according to who?

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I knew that I hadn’t posted for sometime, but I was a little surprised to see that its been 6 weeks!

My intent is to blog weekly, ideally on a Monday, so that I can share my musings of wellness and weight loss with all of those amazing people who care to listen.

But as each week came along, each week I’d think about it and each week I’d do nothing about it.

Was I unmotivated?

Maybe a little…mmm maybe a lot. I think I had a case of the can’t be bothereds.

Interestingly it was not as though I was not doing anything at all when it came to my business. I was sending out my weekly newsletter, posting in my private wellness & weight loss Facebook group (hint hint: come join me here) being active in various social media groups, running one of my 14 day programs. And then of course there is the other half of my life Рbeing a mum, partner, friend, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, aunt, dog walker and employee!

In fact now that I’ve thought about it and listed it above, I have been doing quite a lot…just not blogging.¬†

When I entered this online world as I did in March 2014 with my enrolment into Bschool (online biz school), I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I knew I wanted to join this world, I knew I wanted to reach more people with my wellness message…share my musings, expertise and stuff!

As we all know hindsight is a beautiful thing, or as one of my coach’s liked to call it kindsight.

If I was to start again I would do it all very differently. I would turn it all around, do it in a way that felt good for me, rather than what I thought I should be doing, or what someone else told me to do.

What is the right way for someone does not mean its the right way for you or me. Each person is unique and everyone has their own path to walk.

It’s true in business, it’s true in your wellness journey and it’s so true in the path you choose to walk in life.

Hindsight is a beautiful thing.

I think we are all guilty of judging ourselves a little harshly.

We have an expectation of where we should be, whether it be in business, in health, in life. There are in many cases, unwritten laws of how we should behave, how we act and where we should be on life’s ladder.

We compare. We feel judged or we pass judgment on others and ourselves.

How do you rate yourself, right now?

Are you a kind or a harsh judge? And if you judge harshly, what or who is your measuring stick?

Be kind to yourself…always. And I’ll be kind to me too!

caroline silk

Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing

Caroline x

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