How to drop those holiday kilos and avoid the blues.

The Holiday Bluesare not required!

Welcome home, but why the holiday blues?


It is school (and uni.)  holiday time here in Melbourne, we’ve completed  term 2 and it is either a 2/3 week break depending on what school you go to. And these holidays come smack bang in the middle of our winter… as I write it’s 12 degrees and raining.

This type of weather is more conducive to staying in bed or in front of a beautiful fire than heading out doors…. unless your skiing!

Many Melbournites take this time to escape to warmer climes for a week or five!! Yesterday I had a conversation with one such Melbournite who returned from an amazing 6-week holiday… 3 kilos heavier!! She admitted to indulging a little more – a gelato here (when in Rome…) and a pastry there…plus drinks most nights.

And my advice to her was there’s really no need to panic. If her life returns to her normal routine, then the excess wont’ hang around for too long.

Let me explain why.

If you stray off you healthy eating path – have a good splurge for whatever the occasion- holiday, parties, Christmas, Passover, New Year etc – Don’t panic it doesn’t spell disaster.

Like my girlfriend, and I’ve been known to do exactly the same, you may put on a kilo or two but rest assured it will not all be laid down as fat.

In order for me to gain one kilo of fat over, lets say 8 days, I would’ve had to consume an extra 7,700 calories/37,000kjs/. So that means I would’ve consumed an extra 1,100 calories a day which is equal to approximately…….

Ó  4 mars bars

Ó  11  (120ml) glasses of wine

Ó  17 pieces of multi grain bread

Ó  2 Big Macs

Ó  14 pears

She didn’t, I didn’t do that and most people don’t splurge to that extent!

So where does the weight come from – if it’s not all fat what is it?


It is water – believe it or not!!

If you drink or eat more than your body’s immediate needs, some of that excess is converted to glucose and then stored as glycogen (glycogen is carbohydrates as stored by your body). Glycogen is stored in your liver and muscles and remains there as a usable energy source. Glycogen attracts water as part of its storage process – up to three times the amount – I gm of glycogen + 3 gm of water.

So a proportion of the excess is water storage. You will also be retaining excess water due to the type of party foods you have probably been eating – salty chips, restaurant meals etc . Hence your holiday/splurge weight gain.

Perhaps now you know those extra few kilos you bought home with you do not have to be permanent, it’s easier for you to make the necessary changes. And they are:

  • Resuming your normal healthy eating patterns
  • Eat mindfully including lots of vegetables
  • Eat a protein packed breakfast daily
  • Eat only when your hungry
  • Stop when your are “elegantly satisfied” or 80% full
  • Drink more water to help flush
  • Make sure you move your body everyday!

You know all the things I’ve told you before!

Your weight will return to where it was and you can continue on your journey to be slim, fit and healthy!!

If you need a reminder on how to eat mindfully download my simple and easy Mindful Eating Guide here, it explains how to do it step by step, compliments from me to you.

Welcome Home!

Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing!

Caroline x

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I'm Your Mindset Nutritionist. My favourite things are wellness and weight loss but don't ask me to create a diet for you because guess what? Diets do not work! My clients don't diet! When I work with you we uncover any underlying thoughts/patterns that may be sabotaging your wellness efforts, then I educate and empower you to shed your weight and embrace wellness - not only do you look better... you'll feel amazing!

12 thoughts on “How to drop those holiday kilos and avoid the blues.

  1. I do not have a sweet tooth, BUT I do have a challenge with salty foods, which USUALLY also are high fat (chips, popcorn). Eating to 80% requires a decision to do so because as a child I was not allowed to leave the table till my plate was done. I had to retrain myself to know when I was full, versus just done with what was before me on the plate.

    Good stuff, Caroline/

    1. Thanks many of us were brought up with the same table rules and many people find it hard to let go of them. Learning how to eat mindfully and learning to listen to your body makes letting go of those old habits much easier.

  2. You are right a lot of the weight that you gain after eating a ton of junk food is just water due to the sodium content. I know for me when I indulge like that it usually takes my body several days to come back down to normal. I usually drink a ton of water to help flush it all out.

    I just about gave up all sugar in my diet several years ago and really don’t have any cravings for it now. That has helped keeping the weight off. I do still enjoy some of my favorite foods from time to time but I don’t eat them nearly as much as I used to several years ago.

    Really enjoyed this post thanks for putting it together.

    1. Hi Dereco – sounds like you are under control. The best thing when listening to your body you realise how much it has to say. Congrats on giving up sugar your body will definitely thank you for it!!

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