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Recently I was invited to speak with Angela Raspass on her podcast – Your Next Chapter. “The Podcast especially for women in their 40’s and beyond who know that business and personal development go hand in hand.” My topic transformation!

Angela and I talked about all sorts of things. From how I’ve ended up doing what I do; the many obstacles faced when learning to take you business online; how I found an answer to my client’s (and mine) frustrations and finally to why I love doing what I do!

I’d love for you to find yourself a very comfy spot, preferably in a sunny and quiet space in your home, grab your favourite glass of something and enjoy listening to the podcast.

The keys to transformation Caroline Silk

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Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing!

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I'm Your Mindset Nutritionist. My favourite things are wellness and weight loss but don't ask me to create a diet for you because guess what? Diets do not work! My clients don't diet! When I work with you we uncover any underlying thoughts/patterns that may be sabotaging your wellness efforts, then I educate and empower you to shed your weight and embrace wellness - not only do you look better... you'll feel amazing!

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