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What Dr. Google can teach us about weight loss.

Did you know that when you google “how can I lose weight” 93,800,000 results appear in 0.72 seconds!! Weight loss surprise, surprise is one popular topic!

That is to me damn scary. Where would someone who genuinely, maybe desperately needed to lose weight start? How would they know which website they should click on, which diet might work for them? On the front page of google for this search is an ad from www.dietdoctor.com/how-to-loseweightIt listed the top 18 ways to lose weight . If you click on the site you can then click through to each of the top tips.

  1. Choose a low-carb diet
  2. Eat when hungry
  3. Eat real food
  4. Eat only when hungry
  5. Measure your progress wisely
  6. Be persistent
  7. Women: Avoid fruit
  8. Men: Avoid beer
  9. Avoid artificial sweeteners
  10. Review any medications
  11. Stress less, sleep more
  12. Eat less of dairy products and nuts
  13. Supplement vitamins and minerals
  14. Use intermittent fasting
  15. Exercise smart
  16. Achieve optimal ketosis
  17. Get your hormones checked
  18. Consider weight loss pills / drugs (if desperate)

So I was naturally curious and investigated what they had to say. Most of the time I was nodding in agreement and if someone in need stumbled across this site it could be very helpful. However where it does fail miserably is, it leaves out one very important ingredient to dropping the kilos/pounds.

The NO. 1 way to drop weight is to get your head in the right place. Motivation is usually what drives your weight loss journey.

You’re either motivated to lose the weight because you… … can no longer stand the sight of yourself in the mirror … you’re fed up with being so tired all the time … you’re disorganised and feel out of control … feel heavy and hate the sensation of your body. This type of motivation is when you want to move away from something. You don’t like and I’d go as far as to say can’t stand where you are. You have to do something about it. The other is when you’re motivated to move toward something… … looking and feeling fabulous … having a great time playing with the kids … eating mindfully and you’re in complete control … more focused, organised, get more done! Yes both of these motivational strategies can work…unfortunately and I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but only for a short while. Your subconscious mind is such a powerful tool when it comes to successful weight loss. You need to have it working with you, not against you. Over the coming posts I’ll explore with you all the things you need to know about how to get your mindset in the right place for successful, long term weight loss. If you want to start right now, learning how to eat mindfully is a great place to start. Feel free to download my free training here.

Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing!

Caroline x

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I'm Your Mindset Nutritionist. My favourite things are wellness and weight loss but don't ask me to create a diet for you because guess what? Diets do not work! My clients don't diet! When I work with you we uncover any underlying thoughts/patterns that may be sabotaging your wellness efforts, then I educate and empower you to shed your weight and embrace wellness - not only do you look better... you'll feel amazing!

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