What happens when you run out of puff?

It is interesting… to me anyway…how sometimes you can just run out of puff!

Let me explain. Over the last 20 months or so, I have been learning about the world of online business. I decided early last year that I wanted to take my business in a new direction. I had been seeing clients successfully in a one one one environment for five years, but I was itching to do something more.

I started to delve into the online world and quickly realised there was an great opportunity to get my wellness and weightloss message out there by reaching more people via blogs, newsletters, programs etc.

So I dived in head first.

Booked myself into an online business school for 8 weeks to learn everything I needed to know. The learning curve was ridiculous, almost like learning another language but I came out at the other end extremely motivated to make this idea happen!

This business school also provided another bonus which was an amazing community of people all wanting to grow their businesses, so there was lots of sharing ideas, questions and answers.

For the last 20 months the rollercoaster has at times been like an extreme sport pushing you from brilliant highs to crazy lows! The rollercoaster has also been emotionally exhausting and at one time earlier this year I arrived at the point of complete overwhelm. I was about to throw the towel in and give up. After wise words from some of the amazing people I’d met online, I put my hand up and took a break!

Time out was definitely needed to take a breath, remove yourself from some toxic spaces and just breathe some more!

The thing about the online world when you’re starting a business is that is very easy to get swept up in what everyone else is doing. I’ve spent hours following others, admittedly learning more along the way, but being attracted to what is the ‘shiny object syndrome’ and ‘comparatinitis’!! When other coaches are constantly posting about their amazing results of launching a program in 30 days and bringing in $30,000 or $50,000 or $100,000, it can make your head spin!!!

My head looked something out of poltergeist!

I’m much better at staying away from these places now and I’ve learnt ..admittedly slowly… that it’s best to choose a few online coaches to follow and leave the others behind so that I can spend time on what I need to spend time on…growing my business.

So why have I run out of puff this time?

As I mentioned I did earlier in the year and took the necessary time out. This time it feels different. I’ve got the ho hums…almost the can’t be bothereds!

Which is not like me and not a place where I particularly want to spend much time… maybe it’s the end of year blues?

Anyway, I tell my clients on their wellness journey..

…sometimes you’ll step off the path and that’s OK. Don’t think that it’s all over, just hop straight back on that path, take a breath, focus on where you want to go, see it in your mind’s eye, feel it and hear it then walk (or run) in that direction.

  • There is no failure only feedback.
  • Who says change has to be hard?
  • I have all the resources available to me to make this happen.

(I think I just gave myself a talking to!!!)

SO in 2016

I’m going to make it happen!

Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing!

Caroline x


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I'm Your Mindset Nutritionist. My favourite things are wellness and weight loss but don't ask me to create a diet for you because guess what? Diets do not work! My clients don't diet! When I work with you we uncover any underlying thoughts/patterns that may be sabotaging your wellness efforts, then I educate and empower you to shed your weight and embrace wellness - not only do you look better... you'll feel amazing!

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