Caroline does Kayla …Week One

I can successfully (questionable) say I’ve completed week one of my 12 week attempt to hang out in a 20 something’s (read young, fit , gorgeous, confident, healthy) exercise program.

Why am I doing this?

Not quite sure.

I’ve been following Kayla Itsines instagram as I mentioned, for some time now. I like what she’s doing with her followers – teenage/twenty/thirty something girls –  and maybe just maybe I wanted to see if I could do it too. If I could achieve that transformation of shape…

It’s not about the weight it’s about body shape.

Turning some bits that are starting to wobble into toned bits!

I strongly believe that turning 50, being middle aged (hate that word), peri-menopausal or in fact menopausal is not an excuse for carrying extra weight or ‘letting yourself go’.

Yes your metabolism slows down as you age, yes hormones can play havoc and yes you need to change the way you do things, but you don’t need to give into the middle aged spread!

So call me crazy but I’m committing to Kayla and her 12 week Bikini Body Guide. Just the name should be enough to scare me away!

Let me give you a brief overview of the program.

Each week you complete on alternate days, 2 circuits (each circuit contains 4 exercises). Each circuit lasts for a 7 minute period then you catch your breath, or gasp for air like I did, for 30-90 secs between circuits then rinse and repeat. Total on each day 28 minutes with mandatory stretch downs.

On the days in between you do 45 mins of LISS – Low Intensity (I like this one!) Steady State – ie walking, cycling, cross trainer. I know as I progress through the weeks Kayla introduces HIT – High Intensity Training – now that will be interesting!

7 days = 3 circuit days. 3 LISS/HIT days. 1 Day of Rest!

She explains in her guide the following:-

“It is important to note that Weeks 1-12 have been written for individuals who already have a basic level of cardio fitness. Due to the high intensity of this style of training, I do not recommend them for absolute beginners.For this reason, I have provided four weeks worth of additional training, called ‘Pre-Training’.”

I read this and decided that I do have that basic level of cardio fitness – haven’t I just walked over 300 kms on the Camino? Why on earth would I need to do the Pre-Training?

I didn’t want an extra 4 weeks I wanted to get started ASAP!

Decision made ..skip the pre training!

Ouch!  Mmmm…maybe wrong decision.

My comments post week one…

 As I mentioned last week I could barely effort to get on and off the loo was a sight to behold. My thighs had gone into lock down and refused to cooperate.

I imagine you would see this sight in old people’s homes..

My but hurts in spots I didn’t know existed.

I now know why I never liked burpees… you know the exercise when you’re on your hands and knees and you jump your legs together at the same time back, then jump them in again then jump up to standing position?

Seriously…I cannot jump! I placated myself by thinking well I’m tall – I have a lot of body to jump back, so my legs would only jump one at a time…mine was more of a wiggly manoeuvre!

When it came to the pushups my nose spent more time in the floor rug than in the air while quickly realising the rug was in serious need to a spring smelt like dog!!

When it came to the warm down (picture me very red-faced and sweat status achieved) I followed the pics and again my body refused to cooperate.

Why could Kayla touch her toes and I was lucky to pass my knees?

And as I’m stretching in this awkward pose my eyes rest on my legs and wonder where those extra veins have come from and decide I have way too many sun spots and must be more careful. I bet she doesn’t have any sun spots!

Anyway…week one down, no ambulance required!

Bottom and glutes still sore …but remember that is a good thing as new muscles are on their way to my derriere!

Anyone care to join me….?

Be Healthy, Happy & Amazing

Caroline x

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7 thoughts on “Caroline does Kayla …Week One

  1. I feel the same about burpees. 🙁 You’re an inspiration to getting in shape. 🙂

  2. This gave me the giggles as I too am looking 50 in the face. I can do the push ups but not the burpees (insert smiley face here). Goes to show that nutrition and fitness do not always exist seamlessly in the same person.

    1. Yes Trudy I am also giggling…because the alternative is not pretty! I will master those burpees in the 12 weeks as long as my legs can learn to get out of the way!

  3. Well done .. You don’t know this about me but I am challenge obsessed ! I love kayla and have done her 12 week challenge it’s awesome , except for lots of jumping which my torn disc did not like ! Fitness level will be through the roof .. Good luck

    1. I love a challenge but usually I fall off the wayside half way through!! Now that I’ve made myself accountable to whoever may read my blog then I figure that will keep me in check! Let’s wait and see!

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