Momentum Monday: Sweet Sweet Poison!

10 weeks ago (time flies too fast!) I sent you the invite for a “health” event that was happening locally here in Melbourne. David Gillespie, lawyer, speaker and author of Sweet Poison and other titles, shared his findings of his weight loss journey.

Weighing in at 135kg he knew he could no longer continue his current lifestyle. He’d tried numerous diets and guess what? Surprise, surprise they didn’t work!

Being investigative by nature he began to look at what might be the cause of the weight he carried. He read about the changes in food manufacturing over the past 40 years and looked seriously at the role sugar (specifically fructose) was playing in so many of our foods. Initially he didn’t believe he consumed that much, none in his coffee or tea, no extra on his cereal nor did he O.D. on lollies and sweets.

So what could be going on?? Then he researched more and more….and had a really good look at what he was eating and discovered it was in almost everything he ate! Obviously not in real foods like veggies/meat etc .. the foods without an ingredient list (my favourites).. but absolutely in the sauces he was tarting them up with. There it was insidiously hiding in those ingredient lists under so many different names and guises.

So with no other change to his diet or his exercise regime he cut the sweet poison out of his life and lost 45kgs! He is a healthier and happier man as a result. This story is just my quick version and there is so much more to tell, so I thought I would leave you with the visual of the slide he used in his presentation to ponder. I know you can’t read the fine print but when you read the headlines of what fructose is doing it’s a little bit scary…

Don’t you think?


Sweet Poison: David Gillespie


I know I have talked sugar in detail in the past but as I learn more I need and want to share it with you.. empowering you to make your own healthy choices. So you are going to have to put up with me detailing it more in the coming weeks!

Do you think you could cut fructose out of your diet?

(NB I’m not talking fruit from the Gods here, just the man made stuff!)

Be Healthy & Happy.. You Deserve to be!


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