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Sometime, while you were carrying the whole world, you lost yourself.


You lost that healthier version of you. The one with energy and sparkle and confidence…

The woman who didn’t want or need to hide up the back in photos and untag herself when they’re shared. The one who wasn’t undressing in the dark. Wasn’t glancing away from her reflection in store windows, scared to catch a glimpse.

You lost the woman who wasn’t fighting a battle with her wardrobe each morning. The one who was comfortable in her clothes. Comfortable in her skin. Just comfortable!

Argh! It’s so frustrating—longing for a change that seems just out of reach. Defeated by shame and guilt and failed attempts to fix this.

Always ‘starting Monday’. Never getting far…

Until you have your Mirror Moment


You know the one. The first time you seriously face your fears for your health, if this doesn’t stop now.

From that moment, there’s no more pretending. No more putting this off. No more excuses—even the good ones, about putting others first. And you know what?

There’s no more diets—because this isn’t about food. Not really. There is a way to shed this weight.

And when you combine your commitment with compassionate guidance and a mix of nutrition and mindset you will move from where you are now to an altogether different kind of mirror moment: your own, private, ‘big reveal’.

That’s the moment you want. When you look yourself in the eyes again, and find they’re smiling.

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Hi, I’m Caroline Silk, and I’d love to lead you towards the healthy life and body you crave. I’m qualified as a mindset nutritionist to advise you on what to eat and when, but all the expert nutrition advice in the world won’t work if your head isn’t in the right space for healthy living.

So that’s where we begin, always. By shedding the beliefs and old patterns and baggage that’s been keeping you stuck and holding you back from living as the vibrant, confident woman you know you can be.

You’ll be trimmer and fitter and healthier. You’ll have more energy. Wellness will be your new norm. But, more than that, a cloud will have lifted—you’ll find your new way of thinking extraordinary.

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